The Dante Production Director wanted It to Surprise The Viral Dance Scene in the Trailer


Even though M3GAN went viral several months before it was released, Gerard Johnston initially wasn’t able to introduce that dance sequence that stormed the Internet in the movie trailer.

I was very excited when I watched the trailer and noticed how many dances there were, I thought – Oh My God, you gave it away, you should cut it out. I really wanted to be a surprise. I wanted a really fun surprise.

The first trailer has viewed 22 million views and TikTok has seen more than 300 million posts tagged with #M3GAN. Universal was very pleased with the films, and that it’s already going to be discussed a sequel.

Johnston continued: “The first time I heard you?

Since we had two screenings, I was able to sit at the audience amidst people responding openly. For the first time he wasn’t sure what they were going to see. Nevertheless, I was a little upset, but the film should be promoted, so it was entertaining to see the film as a re-shot, and it was funny when it was re-produced.

With such a trailer, we just need to trust Universal. If you make a film, it’s exhausting to make every decision. So its very nice to sit down and say, Okay, guys, do all you can. I know there is something else in this film that some people haven’t seen yet. This’s really good to me.

Even the audience feel more than normal, the film now has a well-written note on Rotten Tomatoes.


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