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The developers of one of the most popular games of the year on Twitch and YouTube removed it from Steam and blamed it on his stress

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The hardcore climbing action platformer Only Up!, which unexpectedly gained popularity on Twitch and YouTube in the summer, is no longer available on Steam. The developer himself decided to remove the game.

Image Source: Steam.

You’re just starting to go! Page It isn’t blocked on Steam, but you can’t buy it anymore. The screenshots disappeared, the project name changed to non-existent, and the studio name changed to Indiesolodev. Despite this, everything who managed to buy the project was available.

I’m a solitary developer and this game is the first experience I have ever had, the only SCKR Games employee wrote on SteamCommunity. Game that I made for creativity and to test myself and I made many mistakes. She took me a lot of stress this whole season. I want to leave her behind now. And yes, it’s not going to be back on Steam too soon. This is what I found for me. Now, I need peace and treatment.

The developer will take a break and continue studying game design and then begin with a new project under the temporary name Kith. According to him, there will be a movie of another genre in a different setting, which will significantly surpass the first game in terms of game design. Her creator hopes that he’ll build a small team especially for her.

The developers’ decision was ambiguous. Several noted that he shouldn’t have deleted the game but made it free, while others supported the author. Your job was brilliant, but you should be proud of yourself, wrote the chorister.

It’s important to note that Only Up! It isn’t the first time she has gone from the store. On June 30, Valve blocked the page from copyright infringement. The developer used other peoples models and sound effects. The creator quickly removed the relevant materials, and the platformer returned to the site on July 1st.

In Exceptions! players must climb the other objects so they can climb the top of the world. One user compared the game to the 2017 indie hit Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, and they are connected not only with the concept, but also with the emphasis on physics and obnoxious complexity, who could also turn the passage into an incredible line of trials and error.

Only Up! released May 24, 2023 on its own. This platform inspired streamers of Chinese and Japanese origins. After which, Western bloggers began broadcasting this platform. As a noted by PCGamesN, a maximum of 280 thousand viewers watched Twich simultaneously. Many Youtube stars have impressive achievements. For example, a video from the blogger Darren Jason Watkins Jr., author of the IShowSpeed channel, received 5,6 million views in two months. The game was very positively rated by 71 percent of the reviews on Steam (almost 13 thousand were left).

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