The Dino City DLC issued to Monopoly Madness. Demo version is available


Ubisoft announced today that a new version of the movie Dino City of Monopoly Madness, which uses the design of the original game a newbie, is now available as a demo.

A jungle nightmare happens in the new Dino City DLC where players need to fight each other for more money, to collect the lava and to build a new house. Players can open their own community chests to unlock new power-ups, wreak havoc while riding an Ankylosaurus that crashes into buildings, hurls carnivorous plants at opponents, and more. Some wealthy tycoons are not afraid to look for me. Raptor or T-Rex could show up at any moment. Online and offline players enjoy the streets of Dino City in many game modes.

Other than the new arenas, Dino City introduces two new characters, including the cute Cave Kid and the adventurous Dodo. Both new player-exclusive hats are included in Dino City DLC.

The Demo of the Monopoly Madness has opened up an open door for new players to explore Monopoly city. Demo players can play as a playable character and play playable characters in different games such as the full game (20 years of the game). The game can be used on both level and a playable character in two or four different games.

Monopoly Madness can be found on Xbox One, Xbox X|S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 5 and Xbox 5.


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