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The Director of Mass releases first images of the movie, Secretive High-Position Psychological Horror Film, Inc

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Talented filmmaker Justin Janowitz has made the move to take a call with his directorial debut Do Not Watch. The horror film, which has rediscovered the hard drive since its announcement, is finally dropping out the details with the first screen release on Bloody Disgusting.

Although the truth of the plot remains uncertain, this dark psychological tale weaves many stories across decades-plus, giving each individual unique and instantly recognizable cinematographic texture and tone thanks to Janowitz’s impressive knowledge of camera optics and its intuitive control behind the monitors.

Source of Image: Don’t watch Productions. Don’t watch the film; they’ll watch. Source of the image: Don’t watch productions. Do not watch television shows. Image Source: Take a break from watching the production.

The complicated narratives all surround a terrifying concept just known as the bunker anomaly. If the comments from the editor, in order to make use of the film as a source of inspiration for his work on the supernatural Netflix horror series Archive 81, the story of the story is going to be unraveled with the highest fable of swindling and thorned utterance.

Do not Watch calls for return horror actors Catherine Corcoran and Alix Angelis (best known for their roles in the Terrifier and The Cleansing Hour respectively), The Giants Ezekiel Ajeigbe and the famed Australian actress Ella Cannon to join the stellar cast for the supernatural thriller.

In 1888, the film was produced by the production team to rip the momentum of their huge 2021, wildly successful, mass, who received a wideclaim and a nomination in the BAFTAs, among other awards and nods. In addition to the first time director Franz Kranz was in charge (and until now). Janotwitz’s Do not watch and the excitement and, with this stage, the winning tradition of championing new talent has continued.

Do not Watch will make the rounds at festivals in 2023, and is planned for a theatrical release in the same year. Before that, those who have their eyes on the project all have to wait for more clues about the mysterious horror to drop.


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