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The director of Star Wars Jedi trilogy is out of Electronic Arts

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It’s fair to wonder what’s next for the Star Wars Jedi franchise when a man is leaving the famously residued first two games.

As per Bloomberg, Stig Asmussen, the visionary director of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and its recently released sequel, Jedi: Survivor, is leaving Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment.

This departure brings huge surprise, especially after its recent relations with Respawn. The Star Wars Jedi series is renowned for its hard work and a high sales figure.

While Fallen Order set new sales records, becoming the fastest-selling digital launch for a Star Wars game, its successor, Jedi: Survivor, ran up the high ground with a hefty margin to top the sales charts the month that it was released earlier this year. I think Jedi is a brilliant movie. Such success stories have become the hallmark of Asmussen’s contributions, not just to the EA, but also to the gaming world.

The Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was part of a wave of rare, very rare, Star Wars games that were actually good.

When he was in the Studio of Santa Monica, Asmussen worked hard to develop the God of War series. He is known for his work on the 3th and 3th World War. As part of the game, Barlog was given a role as director. Although asmussen has a high track record, the lack of the ability to stay in his ranks raises eyebrows, making everyone wonder where he’ll take his talents next.

Asmussen’s representative expressed their goodwill with a message: “After careful consideration, Stig Asmussen decided to leave Respawn to pursue other adventures, and we wish him luck.” With the exit, seasoned leaders from Respawn are expected to take the right lead of the ongoing Jedi: Survivor project.

This exit, as well as excitement about the future of the Star Wars Jedi series. Asmussen talked in the past several times that the games was always planned to be a trilogy. He decided to explore new horizons with his crew and the main character. He abruptly lost his mind, although he made such remarks, leaves fans and analysts speculating on what is going on next for the series. Can the three-volume series survive Asmussen’s vision? Or is the new leadership making a fresh decision? These questions seem large.

Despite the technical glitches, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was generally a good game across the entire platform.

Given the past successes, assen’s departure could definitely affect the direction and execution of the series. However, it is important to note that game development is an uneffort. Many at Respawn, possessed of Asmussen’s vision, may steer the third installment to the intended direction. However, Asmussen’s decision to remain in the carnivorous and for the naive act of the war, and the resentment to the film, never before, showed his faith in the movie.

As soon as Asmussen leaves Respawn and EA, Jedi: Survivor is right now in its best state.

As you can see, despite the first stage successes at launch, the final generation versions may perform well, particularly considering the successful backports of similar ambitious projects in the past.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is one of the best games of the year.

Asmussen’s exit fueled speculation about his potential signing with Netflix. After years of working with developers of the game, – the former God of War: Ragnarok art director, Raf Grasseti, and Joe Staten, the co-creator of Halo and Bungie, both work together to “bring life a new world.”

Because Netflix can give the above trio the necessary creative freedom, who knows what kind of sorcery can these developers do when they put their minds on it?No matter how long they are doing, they can work well together.

Let’s find out that as soon as possible, Asmussen’s departure is a sign of his confidence in the production of a third Jedi game. I didn’t let you take up that fatigue; we can’t leave it altogether. That was a difficult project for nearly a decade. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be easier for a couple of years. Unfortunately, the real reasons are known only to Asmussen.

We hope that Asmussen’s departure won’t affect the development timeline of the third Star Wars Jedi game.

After all, fans hope to see where Asmussen’s creative genius will take him next.

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