The Disney Dreamlight Valley update will allow you to change the look of your houses


Gameloft announced new color-matched houses in the update. The date of the new Disney Dreamlight Valley update is not yet determined, but will arrive in mid-january with Beauty and the Beast being a possible theme for the expansion.

If you want to build a new house in Disney Dreamlight Valley, it’s a lot of fun. Whenever you want to be a new house, decorate and furnish them, and expand the store to store all of the ingredients and resources you need to prepare all the Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes.

As according to the official Dreamlight Valley Twitter account, the addition of home skins was achieved as part of a community wishlist challenge and will arrive with the third update. Currently, you left with yellow wood panels and a blue roof, but soon you will have a choice of color palette to choose from.

Choose between a festive green with red door, a summery pink and white design, a vibrant blue with white borders, light purple, and a yellow alternative with red roof tiles. This will help make a living, and is particularly nice if youre the kind of player who decides to move his home from the starting point of their residence to the other neighbourhood.


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