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The Disney Lorcana Legendary clock spoiler gives new mechanics the flavorful power to perform the fun

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The new Disney Lorcana spoiler for the upcoming Rise of the Floodborn set was dropped on Sept. 22 with Cogsworth playing a Grandfather Clock capable of Shift, has Ward and protects other Characters.

Keeping the original release schedule, Ravensburger isn’t planning a london release for the second Disney Lorcana set, Rise of the Floodborn. The 200-plus cards have now slipped into local arcades on Nov. 17th. The most recent Disney Lorcana spoiler, Cogsworth, Grandfather Clock, shows off the skills of the design team at Ravensburger,creating an ability that fits your tastes perfectly, whilst supporting Resist.

Cogsworth, Grandfather Clock Lorcana spoiler.

Sapphire is a sleeper Lorcana color that is waiting to rob the meta of the human heart, and Cogsworth, formerly known as Grandfather Clock may be the King whose death was sane.

Cogsworth’s Grandfather Clock | Image via Ravensburger/Disney.

  • Casting cost: Five.
  • Color: Sapphire
  • Ink: It’s reusable!
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Two-weeks-old shaves: 4 – 7 o’clock phz.
  • Shift: Shift Three on top of your Characters named Cogsworth for the third time.
  • Ward: Opponents can’t select this character if they don’t challenge for this task.
  • Unwind: Your Characters gain Resist one (damage damage dealt to your Characters is reduced by one)

Out of all the cries that are taken with Cogsworth, Grandfather Clock, and a lack of enough Rise of Floodborn cards to fully grasp the impact the clock will have on the meta. Shift three is a powerful, borderline-pushed ability, except that at the time of writing, there’s no Cogsworth Characters in The first Chapter and no other Characters have been disclosed for the second.

Since this makes most of the things like, and helps improve the appearance of Amber and Rapunzel, Gifted with Healing, in keeping Cogsworth’s great grandfather clock alive. Cogsworth, Grandfather Clock is also a solid fit to Steel and Ruby archetypes which have built in a Challenge strategy.

Players can learn the worth of the Grandfather & Cogsworth from the Nov. 17th to the 17th of November in local games stores. The official release of Rise of the Floodborn will be in Dec.


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