The Dollar exchange rate jumped above 66 rubles, among other things, the opinions of economists and analysts are divided in this situation


Between the two of us, the euro exchange rate broke a total of 70,6 rubles.

Since spring of this year, the ruble has intensified rapidly, until it won a record level for seven years, to the record level of 51 metric dollars. It seemed that when we were faced with a new situation, in which the Russian currency would soon acquire the value it had expected of the Russian currency, the analysis of the cost of goods and services by economists, according to the definition of purchasing power parity. But it wasn’t there. The ruble soon fell over and continued to grow. In the hope of the latest sanctions, the World Bank set the exchange rate at 66,35 rubles per dollar and 70,62 rubles per dollar. for the Euro.

According to the economists, there will not likely be an influx of 60 rubles per dollar and below, and in the medium term the rate will be set at around 70 rubles per dollar. According to experts, the export volume decreased gradually, while the trade balance was correcting, thus increasing the demand for money. Also, of course, economists associate the weakening of the ruble with the sinking oil prices.

We should not underestimate the differences between economists. But not only in terms of economic matters, we are convinced that a monetary policy introduced in the future will likely cause an increase in black gold costs. The ruble should have won back its positions. However, when we pay for energy, we will see that Russia and Asia and the South African countries are embracing mutual settlements in national currency, and we will create a reserve currency.


13900 kd At standard price a price.

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the i7 13700KF 16 cores price dropped from the price of the i7 13700KF.

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The main purpose of all these actions is to break the dollar role as the main reserve currency, because of the loss of value of the evergreen presidents and won’t be considered as a result of the cost of everything in the world.


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