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The DualSense Edge has a shorter battery life

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The DualSense Edge has a series of new features and improvements that are compatible with the standard dualsense, but the battery life isn’t one of them. Sony has recently confirmed this at an hands-on session, presenting the new Dual Sense Edge controller.

A new controller for PS5 with dual-Sense Edge unboxed.

It was clearly the first time the DualSense Edge opened up the audience. But at a price of $200, it’s hard to justify purchasing a slightly better controller with a much lower battery life. Sony agreed to make the right compromises to be used for ergonomics, so it was a matter of some kind of battery life.

Here is Sonys original statement on this topic:

The dual-Sense Edge Wireless Controllers operating time is slightly shorter than the original DualSense Wireless Controller because we have included many more features within the same shape factor and ergonomic design as the original DualSense controller. It’s our aim to help you to find a good balance between the speed of the transmission and the performance of wireless. Delaying the longer cables that are braided by USB, allows more competition and competitive players to play with wired connections to keep out wireless interference. This option saves batteries, however, is good for players who prefer to play with the shorter cables.

Many users are disappointed. As great as the new features are, they shouldn’t be paying $200 for a premium gamepad if the solution to the main issue is a USB AC cable 2.8 m. Sony already boasted a bad reputation in its battery life. The DualSense controller could, however, collect around twelve hours of battery life. As for the battery life, for the first time this year, a report claimed that the battery battery was gone to 6 hours. Sony failed to specify the projected battery life for the DualSense Edge, but considering that it will be better than the original, its only good news is that it will be. Although the DualSense Edge is compatible with PC, it doesn’t justify $200 price tag or make it an appealing alternative to the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 which has a battery life of 30 – 40 hours. There’s no sandbreaker for a year if you don’t willing to play wired, and a big letdown despite Sony’s bad track record with battery life on its previous controllers.

If you want the new features of the DualSense Edge controller, you must enjoy playing wired games.

Tomomasa Mizuno, the product manager for DualSense Edge explained that Sony has spent over hundreds of research sessions with pro gamers since its founding in 2018. The dualSense Edge has been in its early stages of creating the new feature.

Sony hasn’t fixed all the issues with the DualSense Edge, but this is a huge improvement. Sony has a solution to the question of drift stick: a driftstick problem. Even if the dual-sense Edge could not technically have a problem, it’ll be easier for end users to replace their joysticks because they’re completely modular and will be available for purchase next year.

I’m sure that the DualSense Edge will soon sell on January 26th.

Alternatively, PC gamers who want to get the DualSense Edge can buy a Core Controller, Xbox Elite or its more expensive yet customizable variant, Xbox Elite Series 2.

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