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The DualSense is the best-selling PS5 controller, because it is the best

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The launch of PlayStation 5 led to a new generation of hardware that was a great evolution compared to the previous generation of consoles. The new consoles have brought with them better experiences in quality of life and other aspects such as the imperceptible loading times.

PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller | Sony Original Controller for PS5 with Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers Color White.

However, the PlayStation 5 has not only opted to improve its console. The Japanese opted to offer a new controller with added value when it comes to the previous generation of the game, and with the DualSense they succeeded, to the point that it’s a differing element for the gaming experience. It’s so popular that it’s the Amazon Best-Seller PS5, in which we can now find it for 68,99 euros.

The news of dual sensuality are coming out of the ordinary from the moment we see it. Sony has opted for a telefone that is bigger than Dualshock 4. And the company chose to offer a symmetrical design, but with a finish that will never affect our games. In addition, the touch panel located in the central area appears on the other side.

But the underlying feature of DualSense stands out. On the other hand, the haptic vibration uses many more powerful engines than in the past, and offers immersive sensations. Both adaptive triggers and immersion boost feelings, which do whatever it is doing in the game. You also have an integrated speaker and a button to create with the most advanced functions on the PS4.

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