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The Edge of Broken Edge will go to PSVR 2

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Fast Travel Games and developer Trebuchet confirmed they’ll bring their multiplayer fantasy sword-dueling action VR game Broken Edge to PSVR 2. The game was released last year for multiple VR platforms, giving players the chance to fight different tiers with weapons and weapon combinations of their choosing, and in epic PvP battles to death. It’s actually been really good as a game to break the bank with somebody else. If a new game comes to PlayStation, that same fun will come to play, as is the game currently being sold for 10 euros. We have more info about this game for you here, and the latest trailer is showing off how it will be shown on PSVR 2 for you.

Credit: Travel Fast Games.

“Choose your fighter, enter the Dojo to practice your technique and connect with other players online in fierce PvP battles.” Each weapon and fighter has unique stances and moves patterns that reflect the martial arts specific to the individual character, while simultaneously allowing them to perform temporary perks. Experience real fencing tactics during battle, while swords break at the point of impact and eventually degrade to ensure a victory.”

  • Embody your combat:All characters have unique weapons, along with their own martial arts style. Learn ancient fighting patterns and live up to the essence of your blade.
  • Moving your sword freely as you would in real life, then using a tactical skill to block blows and break your opponent’s weapon at the point of impact!
  • Anybody can pick up Swords, but Duels in Broken Edge come with vivid colors. I’m the perfect place to study your skills and take part in an international competition.

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