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The Effect of GYT with Genshin: How to Follow the Rhythm and Pass

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To Beat the Dance in Genshin is one of three times in the Mega Mek Rush, where you will need to help the store workers collect their adventures’ data to make toys. This task aims to control the toy robot and attack the puppets on both sides of the track at the right time.

In this guide, you will learn how to complete the beat of the dance challenge, follow the beat and earn the maximum number of points to earn all the rewards.

How to start an event?

To begin the dance In the rhythm of the dance, you must fulfill several conditions:

When the exam starts on August 24 2023 at 08:00 Moscow, the test starts on September 11th 2023, 03:59 Moscow time.

Guide to the event In rhythm of dance, guide to the success.

A toy adventurer has to be controlled, watch the music and dance so you can beat the puppets in time on both sides of the track. Just as it would be, it would be better if the toy did respond better to commands. If you set the delay right, it will become much easier to get into the rhythm.

You can easily customize the target button for a more convenient way. Some toy slimes can sometimes be met while moving. To get them points, hold down the strike button on the right side of the table in advance to calculate an attack charge. When the blow’s caused, release the key so that you can respond positively.

When you meet two green slimes and sit on both sides of the road, you must simultaneously press the buttons to hit once again. Your point is just the right way.

A more accurate guide will be added after the official release of the event, August 24th.


For you to complete the test, you will receive the following rewards:

We hope that our article helped you to take the steps to complete the dance in Genshin Impact and earn the maximum level of points. Read more useful guidebooks of Genshin impact, section 5 or 12 of the website.

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