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The electric version of the Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse SUV will have a younger brother

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In the IAA Mobility 2021, Mercedes-Benz presented the EQG concept, which was destined to become a harbinger of the all-electric Gelandewagen, which will hit the assembly line next year. In a Munich-based event, the company’s director admitted that it was preparing a more compact electric SUV of the same size that was long discussed.

This is a concept developed by EQG. Mercedes-Benz, image source:

As the note indicates to the Automobilewoche, it hatched the idea of creating a more inexpensive version of the G-Klasse even under the previous management (previously – a year after 2019). The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ola Kallenius, reports that the conditions for the formation of such a electric vehicle are being established. This will be possible in the near future.

The brands management does not give exact dates, but insists that the car’s fun to drive, and it can be on the market under g-Class, with a small letter. Often, as described in a number of industry publications, the new model is likely to be based on the MMA and MB.EA platforms, so it won’t appear as early as 2026. It won’t be hard to sell the full-size Gelandewagen, since it’s estimated that prices are at $140,000. In this case, even the $100,000-plus price range seems like an alternative.

The segment of luxury all-wheel drive electric vehicles with large off-road potential is expanding. With the Hummer EV and the future G-Klasse, the U8 model of the BYD Yangwang subsidiary is also seeking a place in it, which even claims to be capable of floating on water.

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