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The Emoji 15.1 emoticons are now available on Unicode. They include phoenix, lime, brown mushroom, broken chain and others

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The Unicode Consortium officially approved Emoji 15.1, which means that a new batch of emoji will appear on mobile devices in the foreseeable future, totaling 22 pieces.

You can download a copy of the video: twitter.com/unicode/detail.

The updated line of emoticons doesn’t have as many additions as the previous version. The new picture has a large family. With an early glimpse of the world, an individual ran, ran, rode and walked with a cane for the blind, and ridden with a blind and on a manual wheelchair.

The full set of new emoticons can be found in the Unicode website. Despite the fact that many companies like Apple and Microsoft take up several months to update their software, such as Emoji. But in practice, you have to wait a little longer to send a mug of lime or phoenix to your friends.

The Unicode Consortium accepts applications for the addition of new emoticons to the Emoji set, from all users, for this purpose, the organization has described the entire process in detail on its website. Applications resumed in April 2024.

If you don’t notice an error, select the mouse and press CRL+ENTER.

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