The end of the sun, a self-professed slavic adventure game, has been released on Steam on January 24th


The finals of the Sun team, Polish developers announced they would release a free demo of the game The End of the Sun, a first-person adventure that will be released in the mythical Slavic fantasy world.

The demo will be released on Steam on January 24th. The demo will only contain five-part portion of the full game in a matter of about fifty-70 minutes.

This demo will be part of the February Steam Next Festival released 2023. The demo will include full audio version in English and Polish. The full version of the game will be available in 9 languages. The End of the Sun team plans on making the full game available on Steam in the third quarter of 2023.

The End of the Sun is a series of games that are taking place by a unique person, in a world of Slav rituals, legends and myths. There is a small village in which mystery occurs, and hence the line between reality and myth begins to blur.

As an ashter (Slavic Sorcerer), gifted with the ability to travel through time and knowledge of Navia (sorry land where human destinies are ruled) followed by the trail of a strange fugitive, you find yourself in a mysterious village. Unfortunately, there is nobody in there, at least not in what you expected. We all burn hearths around us.

The game was inspired by slavic mythology and legends. The story is about an event which unfolds during the earliest Slavic holiday, all of the four seasons, hardly. The game is a mixture of exploration and adventure with non-standard puzzles. But in the beginning the story line is followed by a novel.


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