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The Evil Within is free on Epic Games Store

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Bethesda and Epic Games are giving away The Evil Within from the Epic Games store for free. On the latest day of October 26th, you can go to Epic Games Store and grab your copy.

The Evil Inside, created by Tango Gameworks and commanded in Shinji Mikami’s manner of life. In this game you will become your friend of the same name as Sebastian. Sebastian needs to fight with only a few tools so that his body will live at all.

As you enter the world, it will become very intense and nerve-wracking. Players face all sorts of scary stuff, dodge traps and make sure they have everything they need to survive at home. I think that every thing is completely in the game. As well as other types of staircases and doors, all walls / not windows or walls can change immediately before your eyes! Your own thoughts are on this dangerous reality…

Evil Inside came out in 2014 and had optimization issues. However, in 2023 most PC gamers can run it quickly. Ah, the beauty of new hardware.

If you want your free copy, click here.

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The Evil – Launching Trailer. Watch that video on YouTube.

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