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The Exoprimal Restores More Updates Coming In October

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Capcom had several update on the previous titles at the Tokyo Game Show 2023, as well as a preview of what’s going on for Exoprimal next month. The game will be getting a Title 2 update, which will launch a brand new season on October 18, 2023. This is going to include a new final mission type, a new map and a ton of new gear. Also, you’ll see a new Street Fighter 6 collaboration as Chun-Li joins the game, and a new Rathalos Armor Set skin for Murasame in the sequel to The Monster Hunter crossover coming as part of the original post in January 2024. You can also play Halloween, too. We got the details and a trailer for all of the information we’re looking for here.

Credit: Capcom.

  • Road Fighter:In this cross-platform, World Warriors transform into special Exosuit skins for Deadeye, Zephyr, and Vigilant. The Exofighters have the ability to hit Bikitoa Island and have made their streets look like, with Street Fighter-themed cosmetics, such as emotes, Exosuit decals, Comm Wheel stamps, and charms.
  • In an escape mission, 10 Exofighters are working together to make a getaway. During the tests, teams carry out extrapolated areas of the map for the power of their Exosuits, before working hard to protect the dinosaur hordes and reach an extraction point.
  • A pair of new rigs are on the way to the Hangar! Exofighters can use the Drone to strike a blinding explosion, or they can go to the frighten or unleash a slash attack. Players unlock a number of new skin, emotes and other cosmetics with the season 2 Survival Pass.
  • The Ocean Platform offers a new combat zone with an offshore xol generator. This map has narrow steps, with a lot of verticality, so it’s allowed Exofighters to use equipment specifically developed for the terrain.
  • Exoprimal Seasonal Events:Season 2 is offering Double XP campaigns and special seasonal events where Exofighters earn holiday-themed skins with jack-o-lanterns and Santa hats.

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