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The expansion of New Worlds: Artifact gear, endgame, crafting, and onward

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In my previous column, I covered the big tentpole features of New Worlds first pay expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth, including the updated zone, new weapon, new housing and mounts. The press briefing, where the Amazon Games unveiled the expansion, discussed much more.

Aside from new content, Rise of the Angry Earth brings with it a new level cap, an update of endgame gear and progress, and an all new rarity of things. Let’s see what the hell!

The artemis have a job.

Ride the mighty mounts, to the world of the ark, and explore transformed lands: the New World Rise.

Mount up on October 3. https://t.co/Vx9ICPI7SI pic.twitter.com/AtXncQku0P/.

New World (nods) August 30, 2023 (nods).

New caps will apply to everybody’s needs.

Rise of the Angry Earth will shake the New Worlds endgame very much. Since I had previously told you earlier, the level cap is expected to increase to 65, along with new attribute bonuses that allow me to reach 350 points in a stat.

Somewhere else is getting a cap, too. Gear score now goes to 700, tradeskills will get a cap of 250, and there will be an increasing group of factions whose reputation will be earned.

I get some shiver, but I don’t like the good weather. Before my first crafting skill came to my house about two years ago. I really don’t think that it’s all about making a lot of stuff ready to do.

On the plus side, it seems that grind may be slightly decreased. Cooking, furnishing and jewel production were formerly a focus group of trades.

If you know what will happen to your aptitude level once the cap has increased, you can expect it to become clear: Your progress will be paused before the new limit is reached, but you can now take whatever step you left.

As for the salary increase news, I think the studio has a detailed plan of avoiding any of the worst potential hurdles of practice. All of the current endgame content will remain relevant. Some of the material will be scaled up to the new cap, while other parts will remain level 60, but all of the equipment will drop to the new endgame.

I still wish that the game focused more on horizontal progression than vertical, but the devs seem to have a good balance between vertical progression and the problematic.

Gear revamp

The new endgame is not about boosting numbers. There’ll be a complete overhaul of the progression and gear systems.

This is a completely unknown tool, but instead of a colossal device, the shard is too old for a gloria. There won’t be any way to upgrade the gear you own, so its all about finding good drops.

Even finding those drops is very easy. The well-hated ward and bane system is being redesigned, and the gear roll system will be redesigned to be a little clever and remove trash drops. Don’t you like good words!

Such modifications will also benefit from the work force. The results of crafting greatly increase your chances of making anything usable. Final production might require more resources, though, so as to avoid a glut of resources in the economy.

Artifact gear

There will be a new rarity of gear, Artifacts, that sound like a cross between the build-defining legendaries seen in many ARPGs and the artifact weapons introduced in World of Warcrafts Legion expansion.

In this regard, they are rare and difficult to acquire, so players can not put together either a lion and a lion or a piece of artifact. They are starting to become mighty legendaries and then you can level them up to unlock an upcoming sixth perk.

The event has seen two artifacts in the area. Vengeance is a life staff that works with a 50% reduction in healing. However, it brings damage to many life staff who are more aggressive. A fox is a spear that causes the Javelin to pull enemies to him. This is certainly no reason for any other fact.

Also updated with some endgame updates.

Most of that sounds really good but I’m somewhat worried that these changes may leave casual players even more behind than they do. We have experience, but with knowledge and knowledge, casual players can continue to do anything. It’s not clear what’ll replace that.

There’s also a revamp of New Worlds dungeons, and there’s some hope for the casual player there. Nonmutated dungeons will have their difficulty reduced, creating what sounds like a story mode where users can learn the content without stress. The reward seem not to be modest. Endgame equipment can barely drop from these vanilla expeditions. Artifacts will not have the chance to disappear.

The mutations system is also going to be greatly improved from 10 gradual levels to three difficult levels with a lot more dramatic gaps between them. A level 1 mutation will be easier than a current change, while a slightly more casual option is still available to any level 3 mutation, and while the level 3 mutations will be very difficult it sounds like they’ll become easier than the actual M10s.

Odds and endings.

Season three begins as part of the Angry Earth journey, but it’ll be completely separate. You don’t need to buy the expansion to play the fourth season, but the expansion won’t get you the most advanced track.

I took a call for the revamp of the main story quest and it was confirmed that it was still a journey along the original route. The next part will be in the extension/season three update in October. The final part will be in season four and the first one, as will season four — which should be late so late this year or early next year —.

The devs confirms its still in a working order, although no specific date was given. Nevertheless, the console release for New World seems to be not on deck at all. Amazon refused it out forever, but it doesn’t seem to be actively being pursued yet.

Finally, for some, the expansion update will introduce the beginnings of new systems for balancing things together with PvP and PvP. There weren’t many details. But if only one could imagine that, an ability could be nerfed in PvP without impacting its performance on PvE.

The Wilds are on the verge of extinction.

Rise of the Angry Earth will be launched Oct 3th, and costing 9.99 cents.

New Worlds Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion: Artifact gear, endgame, artifact gear, and crafting as well. The first major new World expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth, launches October 3 with mounts, flails, new homes and more. New Worlds Aeternum is a country full of secrets.

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