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The Facebook group makes a bold decision in regards to the metaverse

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News JVTech Meta: Facebook group takes a heartbeat about Metaverse.

Published on 21.12.2022 at 18:10.

The Facebook group isn’t planning to stop there though, although meta posted disappointing numbers in 2022 with its worlds metaverse. With this new announcement, stop development of the metaverse doesn’t seem to be in Mark Zuckerbergs plans, but it isn’t as big as it is!

While the group bringing together Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and even WhatsApp revealed a 4% reduction in turnover compared to 2021, the company announced it had announced the color for the next month.

We never thought it would be easy or simple, but this year has been even harder than expected.

For years to come, the company’s financial situation is poor but for the last few years will remain the focus of the company.

Specifically, the group intends to reserve 20% of its investments in the development of Reality Labs, the company dedicated to virtual and augmented reality of Meta. Reality Labs lost a total of 99,44 billion dollars in the first three quarters of 2022, and believes that this is the way to meet the expectations of the company’s metaverse.

As well as our third quarter results, almost half of the global investments in Metas support the core business, the remaining 20% being going to Reality Labs. The idea of a firm committed to keeping its pillars under the forefront of one of the world’s best competitive and innovative industries is the best thing.

After trying to conquer the virtual world called metaverse, Facebook announced its new identity: Meta. However, since this risk-taking practice began, the giant of the metaverse has suffered some turbulence.

With a 65%-plus increase in share price and nearly one thousand new employees, Meta wants to be reassuring the end of the year. The group is pleased with the progress and community development on its Horizon Worlds metaverse, despite less expectations.

We also saw the beginnings of the new generation of creators on our platforms: virtual world builders. It is not often that new forms of community building and self-expression emerge on platform, and how the creators working their magic on Horizon Worlds this year was a thing to see. We’ll spend 2023 trying to build this community.

In this sense, Meta wants to emphasize the new tools that target metaverse professionals like the Meta Quest Pro, and its VR and AR lenses.

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