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The fans of Baldurs Gate 3 convinced that it should get the trophy of the year award over Starfield

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The heat cooled, the leaves will change brightly, and many huge video games are being launched worldwide.

That only means a thing in the gamer lexicon: Time to debate the title and the number of times and titles that will and should win from year to year. And in 2023, it’s time to be serious, so this year has had enormous success.

IMO BG3 deserves GOTY. by U/Taylon47 inBaldursGate3 :).

Two titles of the top gamers minds everywhere are Baldurs Gate and Starfield, two massive RPGs that are now dominating social media and game servers across consoles and computers. And the discussion has already started going to take a hit in a week.

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For fans of BG3, it’s a simple option. They think that the CRPG from Larian Studios deserves the Game of the Year awards and even some experts think Starfield has a lot to do with this thought.

It’s absolutely amazing seeing a CRPG from Larian, a large and well-known company that still doesn’t have the same recognition and brand loyalty as Bethesda for 25 years, he said.

The Larian self-published BG3 while Bethesda has the giant Microsoft on their backs. This is a really special game. I’m so glad I was here and I enjoyed playing it at the start. I can barely see what Larian and the modding community has in store for BG3.

As soon as the reviews have gone on, the Redditor noted that it’s not a surprise that BG3 has surely gotten even more attention. BG3 has a 97 score on MetaCritic now, leaving it in the top 15 highest-rated games of all time. Starfield has a still-impressive 87.

In collaboration with Starfield, the battle for GOTY is going to be intense. But thats without having to account for other most successful titles from this year such as The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Hogwarts Legacy, and upcoming Marvels Spider-Man and Super Mario Bros. Wonder could also join the discussion.

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Regardless of who gets the coveted GOTY award, the real winners everywhere are gamers who are playing these titles and developers who work so hard on them to deliver release a release on the same basis they have.

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