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The Faraway Downs Trailer from Baz Luhrmann includes Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackmen

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Hulu released the trailer for Faraway Downs, an adapted film of Baz Luhrmann’S 2008 Australia featuring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jack. All episodes stream on Hulu on November 26, 2023.

Luhrmann cut the 165-minute film into six chapters, which include additional footage and new endings. Faraway Downs still features kidman’er Sarah Ashley, an English-born writer and Jack Man The Drover. However, that series is now being adapted to the eyes of Nolah (Brandon Walters).

What should you expect in the Farnaway?

This story is based on an English book, Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman), who travels around the world to confront her husband and sell its unusual asset: land for a million-acre cattle ranch in Faraway Down. After death of his wife she ran out of cash by making up her arms and forced herself into their boots with our furiously wildfire driver To protect it’d be difficult?

In the eyes of young people who are a bi-rational Indigenous Australian, it is an ambitious adventure romance in which those three generations of children engage in national racially friendly conflict. The trio have four life-changing years, a love affair between the lady Ashley and Drovers together as well an unenmeshed impact of World War II on Northern Australia.

Faraway Downs will feature some notable characters from Australia, including Bryan Brown as King Carney and Ben Mendelska’d Captain Dutton.

Luhrmann led Faraway Down and will executive produce alongside Catherine Martin, Schuyler Weiss-Meyer. Martin was awarded the Academy Award for Best Costume Design on Australia.

Faraway Downs will come under the hammer at Sydney’d inaugural screening on October 21.

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