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The Fate Of Baldr proclaimed the destruction of Tower Defense

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Ananki game studio revealed their latest game this week, as the title ‘The Fate Of Baldr’ ties with the devil. By a way that changes the genre, you are playing as an expert of the Vikings in which they try to defend their ship against mythical enemies and enemies who essentially like to be crushed. You need to find money to spend, but also to acquire abilities to defend your weapons. There is no timetable for when this game is coming, or even if it’s to be Early Access. You can view the brief info and the trailer on the left.

Credit: The Ananki Game Studio.

“Crow the Vikings in a tower-proof adventure! Do not lose your ship’s mythic bosses while mining resources and bringing value to the masses. Battle alone or co-op with friends for a mission of strategy, victory, and conquest.

  • Make the cruise ship safe by repelling the waves of gods and creatures inspired by Norwegian mythology.
  • Optimize your defense by placing a wide range of towers in key locations.
  • Get the enemies with both guns and meleed.
  • Gather resources to increase your ship’s tower, weapons and equipment.
  • Enjoy the thrill of battle with one team or play online collaborative games with the option to choose four class options with distinct and unique abilities.

I’ve been learning about Baldr for a very long time. Inspired by the lore of the Oldschool Wise mythology and its ancient art, we created a unique universe where the Viking warriors will be able to conquer the gods of nine worlds. We poured our hearts and souls into this project, and we’re very excited to share our vision to the public. ”


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