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The first kitty-soon-autistic character of a DnD arrives in The Book of a hat of all sorts

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Wizards of the Coast has several more books to publish before they end their decade-long run with the introduction of One D&D and one has another new addition.

In November, The Book of More Things reopens its legendary artifact, the Deck of More Thingsas, a narrator known as “Asserment” and the autistic artist.

Asteria Book of lots of things is a princess and a Paladin that plays the language of the book. According to the designer, She is also canonically autistic. She has hyperfixationespecially on puzzlesand has an electric toy while learning with her adventuring party.

De Armas said she was careful not to let Asterias condition define her. Asteria helps players find a way of seeing the spectrum in fantasy worlds.

As the designer explains in a brief interview with Polygon, it’s very rewarding to see her experiences and to reflect her experiences through her notes and her story.

Wizards remain a true symbol of communities, from the promise of making more adventurous adventures to the character of the Birds of a Feather, as well as people who are gender-fluid, the real-life tabletop becomes more convenient for members of other communities to join. It’s important for designers to think about how their world represents non-white, non-male and non-neurotypical people in Faerun.

When you buy that book, the card set rewards you with practical guidance on how to use it. Image courtesy of Wizards of the Sea.

The theme of Asterias autism coincides with the book of many things. A de Armas note that it seems that it is really really interested in the idea of the ‘Deck of many things’ being an art. What it’s an act of resentment when someone tries to change and change destiny, and challenge the perception of what a story should be.

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The decline in support for underrepresented people in the government books is growing throughout the globe. Despite the fact that anyone knows how to build those groups that are not so well represented in the past, a company such as Wizards and Paizo to produce content that attracts them can significantly expand the TTRPG community.

We hope that the presence of characters like Asteria and other characters from the LGBT and neurodiversity communities will continue to become more commonplace in the world of D&D, Pathfinder and other TTRPGs.

Other than Asteria and The Book of Many Things, pre-ordered from the Second edition can be made. The book will be released on Nov. 14 but it is available on digital from 31.

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