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The Five Week & Sixth Worlds game: Pine Tar Poker

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With all the holidays and the end of the year approaching, I’m sorry for the inconvenience because one of the most anticipated games had decided to launch out of nowhere this week. This game is called Pine Tar Poker by the developer BJ Malicoat. After not hearing much about the first two weeks of this game, I figured something should have gone wrong. We were thankful when the final episode was released.

To recap, Pine Tar Poker is somewhat of a hybrid between traditional poker and Yahtzee. Your goal for each game is to play a number of different poker games with straight up or slight variations of them. Each hand is given based on which card you used to make the cards, and you have, basically, Pine Tar, if you don’t get out of jail at all – because you don’t have any other fingers you’ve got for. If you don’t have one of the necessary hands for any of the pints, and you don’t have any Pine Tar hand to follow, the game’s end with your score recorded and some special coins are doled out.

These coins have an interesting place to play in Pine Tar Poker. This can help buy a variety of items from the bartender. A pencil is nothing but an instrument to keep track of the card in that deck, and magic runes gives you a special skill for this game. It also has the opportunity to buy tokens that allow you to upgrade one or two more cards, and with ringing in the door, the progression system in Pine Tar Poker is the kind of thing that keeps drawing me in touch again.

Even though it is all that, there is some lore to the games universe, and certainly some otherworldly things going on that you will discover more about the deeper you get into the game. I love Poker Tar just because it was successful. I’ve always been lucky if you were to take a break, but I find a great deal of mystery, particularly if the game is in an instant. It seems like something that would exist in the X-Files universe. Then, if you have more money and have fun playing a unique card game with lots of personality, I can easily recommend bringing a shot of Pine Tar Poker.


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