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The fodder is blocked from Gamigos site, Fawkes games opens a strange website for people with disabilities

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Yesterday we covered the horrible news that Gamigo had suffered layoffs and the loss of its last community manager, and the weakened comms issue with the game and the news that Gamigo has announced that he would shutter its Aeria Games portal and dispatch four of its MMOs to other publishers (aura Kingdom, Grand Fantasia, Shaiya, and Last Chaos). We have some reports to the story that merit their own entry.

Whither went to Fractured Online?

Yesterday, we noted that Fractured Online, for which Gamigo took on publishing rights a year ago, was still on the list of games Gamigo would continue to host. The game has vanished from Gamigos in the last 24 hours, which is causing the games at large Discord to debate the future of the game. Unfortunately, the games did very little Discord. We have already discussed the future of the game due to its very modest early access population, its slow development cadence since the early access launch, and their eerily quiet communication from Gamigo and Dynamight Studios. Well look at the announcement there one way or another, as it’s obvious to me that no matter whether Gamigo goes back to its publishing duties, this was a kickstarted MMORPG. And its testers, backers and EA buyers deserve communication.

What are the heck of the Fawkes Games?

I thought that, though, and we said, “Old and I are not interested in playing this game”, “Sonner and co-writer” Jon T. said that while both of the games Gamigo is cutting loose are returning to their home developers, not two others are not, they are being sent to Fawkes games, which we assumed was a Nexon partner or subsidiary, but turn out to be not.

In fact, it’s a completely new Bulgarian game outfit. Nobody seems to know anything from that website a thing. The Linkedin company is a company called indie studio and games ops with a unique and radical approach to game development and operations. In the new Discord, Fawkes announced that he was formed in June 2022 primarily as a service company and that it has expanded into full operations, a feat once again. The website is called remote. But there are a lot of tech and business jargon, no details at all on who these folks are or what their experience is with MMOs, and it has a unique point of being back to Discord. The download link to the Fawkes platform is busted, and at the moment, the website uses a picture for a reason – from Assassins Creed to Valhalla. The hiring page is also a hammer.

The document that the company is linking mentions Shaiya and Lost Chaos and does appear to explain the exact nature of the transfer of your account for these two games to Gamigo. We’re the first to run for 6 months, according to a FAQ. This is the first time we have been working with each other, hence we have to build a backend so we can support them. The studio also tells players it doesn’t know when the migration will end and therefore they should hurry up to handle the linkage process. As for the new FAQ, it’s clear here that when the FAQ restarts, if the “changes” were never transferred from Gamigo, which means it would be very technically impossible for [Fawkes to restore those due to the pricing and value gap between [its] Fawkes Gems and those other currencies, we are no longer able to draw conclusions.

The company’s Discord also says it’ll learn the game and maintain the same server structure. We get a full operation agreement, including development. Please respect the rights of others. Time and time are important, we won’t change from day to day. First, you want to make it stable.

What’s about X-Legend?

X-Legend seems more prepared for the Aura Kingdom and the Grand Fantasia mantle. As of this morning, the company was at Aura Kingdom Discord in the process of completing its own application for transfer from Gamigo. The developer said that we’ve done our best to promote the site and that a new idea will be announced on a second month of January, 2023. X-Legend, of course, is the original developer of Aura Kingdom and Grand Fantasia, and is currently developing and managing Sprite Fantasia. So, maybe this isn’t a nightmare for some former Gamigo players.

Thanks sincerely to Clowd for helping us to sort the chaos out.

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