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The Free Title of Exoprimal is now available

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The launch of Title Update 1 across Xbox X|S, Xbox One and Windows, with Xbox Game Pass for console, PC, and Cloud, and PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam. With this free content update, the online team-based action games growing arsenal grows with ten new Exosuits and 30 modules. Upside all this new and innovative data-slaying technology, the Title 1 is a free Skywave Egret skin that commemorates the milestone of more than one million players entering the wargames.

Exosuit variants are equipped with unique weapon loadouts that contrast to standard models. These changes change the effective combat ranges and provide more freedom of choice, giving Exofighters the opportunity to discover fresh playstyles and devise completely new strategies.

The 10 Alpha variant Exosuits are now available and include:

  • Deadeye Alpha – Feast Fire This model sports a shotgun with a short-range spread that concentrates in five-shot burst while aiming at sights, allowing on the distance.
  • Vigilant Alpha: Marksman The highly maneuverable Marksman uses a semi-auto rifle that spits a stream of singlefire projectiles. One out of every four shots packs an extra punch.
  • Roadblock Alpha: Fortress Shield This Roadblock variant has a shotgun and a detachable shield that will allow the one-stute-taking of one city while fighting in another.
  • Krieger Alpha: Force Shotgun The model trades its minigun for a chargeable shotgun that will fire wide-range scatter shots or powerful compression blasts that are flying foes.
  • Murasame Alpha: Frost Glaive The Frost Glaive unleashes a counterattack that freezes enemies in their tracks and enlists them against follow-up attacks.
  • Witch Doctor Alpha: Duality Beam This suit fires energy beams that heal allies and harm foes. With the longer beams connect with its target, the stronger its effect becomes.
  • Skywave Alpha: Thunder Clap This model can summon lightning from above to paralyze the enemies. These bolts can also be charged to cause powerful and targeted strikes.

These Exosuit variants are played in main game mode, Dino Survival, and Savage Gauntlet, the 5-player time-attack mode that introduces new challenges each week. The Exosuits are available for free in-game, ranging from 20 to 200 grams of material.

With the new armor, Title Update 1 includes 34 other modules that allow Exofighters to customize their Exosuits on the battlefield. Some of these additional modules can be equipped by any Exosuit, while others are designed for use with specific models or variants.

The program entitled Title Update-1 also features a free Exosuit Decal celebrating the collaboration with Da-iCE, who produced the song Funky Jumping for Exoprimal. A Funky Dance emote will also be released during the title update this October, so exofighters can break out dance moves from the music video.

Dolce aoCo / Funky Jumping Music Video.

In addition to Title Update 1, Capcom can support Exoprimal with free content updates each season. The second episode, which will be canceled in October 2023, includes a new map, mission type, Rigs, Modules and the highly anticipated Street Fighter 6 collaboration. In January 2024, the third season will include a Beta variant, Exosuits, a new novel, Neo Triceratops boss enemy, a Monster Hunter crossover, and more. Stay tuned for more information on future news.

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