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The French Days costs for the Google Pixel 7 and a Pro version for the French Days

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This year the Google Pixel 8, the French Days and the Google Pixel 7 are getting less attention from the price of its product on Amazon. But the price of these new products is 649 euros. A wise gift for photographers who can now benefit from a smartphone that doesn’t miss a single shot at an incredible value for money!

French Days are one of the few long-awaited promotions and gifts to get a new home, a 4K TV, a modern phone or any high-tech item that you wish. From the top of the deal list, there is also this reduction in the Google Pixel 7, a smartphone that is 9/10 in our columns and a great photophone to boot. At Amazon, the cost of the 128 GB version is 180 euros.

Why are we buying a Google Pixel 7?

Despite the robust FHD+ AMOLED panel, the Optical Experience is a very good feature.

The Pixel 7 (228 GB) is available on Amazon for $469. The Google Pixel 7 Pro (128 GB) is now available on promotion for 689 euros at Amazon instead of 899 euros.

If the offer previously mentioned in this article isn’t available, please browse further below to find other promotions about the Google Pixel 7. The table is updated automatically.

Where to buy, buy and sell? Looking for the best Google Pixel 7 price?

One of the best photophones around the world.

With its re-election, the Xiote Pixel is perfectly flawless in its design, though it would have only needed a slightly higher repairable index and was a perfect size. The screen was so focused. We still have a Full HD + definition (400 x 1080 pixels) computer. A refresh rate of 90 Hz is very good although it is a little bit poor in terms of brightness, but it does only 77% of the DCI spectrum – P3 is not the highest for Google Pixel 6 today.

The Google Pixel 7 real asset is its camera. But the configuration is nothing impressive and even shows no telephoto lens. Even with the 50-Mpx main sensor, an ultra wide-angle 12-mp and a ten-mpx front sensor. Both rear and rear sensors are assisted by laser autofocus and optical stabilization, which is also working in video mode; with the image processing command in order, the Google Pixel 7 photo is very beautiful, so that no one needs to buy a telephoto lens.

The competition remained unbeaten with the result of a performance.

The Google Pixel 7 is certainly one of the best photophones of his generation, but it’s not without its flaws. First there is the Google Tensor G2, the SoC with which it runs and who almost resembles a Samsung Exynos. The Pixel 7 isn’t the most powerful smartphone than other smartphones released on the same time. It’s not the one that is positioned in the same price bracket. It still manages to play 3D games in a short time, but it doesn’t matter what it is, and does not compromise on the quality of graphics.

The low-distance SoC doesn’t cause the use pleasure thanks to Pixel Experience, the software overlay that can run over the Google Pixel. This interface is one of the best and most intuitive interfaces available at the moment, with a lot of feature-rich features, especially in photos. As for a battery, since the size of the Pixel 6, the time does not change and is extended from day to day. Don’t you bother to recharge yourself.

Read our full Google Pixel 7 review to learn more.

9 /10

So as not to miss the French Days in September 2023, please do not miss anything.

The French Days edition officially opened on September 26, 2023 in France, and ended next Monday, October 2. A number of merchants have already released their best promotion.

To prevent disappointment from taking out good deals from this event, here are some reflexes to adopt now so you don’t forget to miss any of the offers we recommend:

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