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The games have been masked with the game’s impact: “We were drowning the score of Dying Light two because of the appearance of play-related microtransactions.”

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That is the right action. I mean to be angry, just saying something.

In video games, microtransactions have been a common phenomenon, and players can’t wait to confront them only by talking about the use of sharedware. When developers begin to make an open play and introduce microtransactions in so-called premium games, also those for which a tidy sum was paid initially, a complete fine run of well-known liquids begins.

That’s exactly what happened in the zombie film Dying Light 2, in which they decided to expand the action game with the movie PlayDay 2, to a game with virtual currency, which is possible with real money and is used to buying various new equipment and weapons.

These results resulted in the fact that Dying Light 2, which last year was already characterized by the original Dying Light, didn’t have a very successful performance. Moreover, the current usage rate of zombies and action gaming from Techland has dropped to 57%.

User anger has already reached the developers, but the studio will apparently not even find a suitable solution.

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