The GeForce RTX 4080 seems to have problems: they are not for sale


We have no official data yet. However, in light of several reports of industry experts, Nvidia seems to be getting a big issue with the GeForce RTX 4080, as the new graphics cards have just barely sold out.

This is reported in a new video from Gamers Nexus, some fairly reliable source for PC gaming and market conditions. In a new, a detailed film, the publication focuses on the issue of the GeForce RTX 4080 being immobile, even if it’s compared to other models of the same generation from Nvidia.

Possibly the RTX 4090s were looking around, but still aren’t moving. According to Gamers Nexus, the retailers in Taiwan are not able to sell their respective cards.

The reason is primarily the price/feature ratio of the ticket: considering the relatively small price gap between the RTX 4080 (1,429) and the RTX 4090 (1,899), the buyers either switch straight to higher-end cards with the difference in power and performance or then choose cheaper alternatives.

It seems as though this is a concern about strategic position of the card in a specific market segment, which now is confused with the segment of the most unbridled enthusiasts, namely where the RTX 4090 is competing, which, for its part, represents a considerably better capacity per euro. It’s not yet clear whether Nvidia intends to solve this problem in a way or not, or whether it wants to use a street price adjustment to compare market trends.


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