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The Genshin Impact 4.1 stream delivers a lot of recipes and how to prepare the dishes

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In September 15th, the developers held a new stream of To the Shining of the Stars in the Deep, which will be the first ever release of patch 4.1. With new content and banners, the characters shared recipes for special dishes for the new year’s celebration. Anyone can prepare them, with the necessary ingredients and the directions of the actors.

This article contains all the recipes from the stream 4.1 in Genshin Impact, and shows you how to prepare dishes and make holiday decorations with your own hand.

If you doubt your abilities, ask your parents and friends to help you cook. Also remember to carefully handle the stove.

How to cook recipes from the Genshin Impact stream 4.1.

Next, we’ll look at each other in detail.

Apple cider with ice cream.

As part of Venti, a sweet-eat, which is made for desserts in The Temptano spirit. Prepare a sweet drink in a medium saucepan; in addition, a fine sieve will help the process. Try these ingredients.

alcoholic drinks like apples, nuts or raisins; three cinnamon sticks; 2 whole cloves; apple juice, vanilla ice cream; whipping cream. Thicking cinnamon.

Peel the orange juice first. Pour a squeeze of a slice of cider or apple juice in a saucepan and add cloves, cinnamon sticks and zest. Cook the drink over medium – high heat, and when bubbles look, reduce it to medium-low heat. The cider should keep boil for fifteen minutes.

Next, remove the saucepan from the heat and pass the liquid through an abyss to remove the spices. Leave the hard drink to cool for a full day and get into a heat-resistant mug. To make it off, scoop the vanilla ice cream, or, if desired, a dollop of cream and freshly ground cinnamon.

By the road, you will fly across.

Lini and Lynette praised the recipe for Brie en Croute, a Fontaine-inspired dessert. For that, you should buy the following products.

I got some defrosted puff pastry; 220 grams of quality brie cheese; 1 egg.

You can choose the filling products according to the taste. In this case:

Cup chopped bacon, cup chopped dried apricots and cup chopped walnuts.

First you must prepare the filling. Cut the bacon into small cubes, place it in a frying pan and fry on medium heat until crispy. Take the dried apricots and walnuts and mix them with the fried bacon in a bowl.

Fill the baking sheet with baking paper and place the dough on the pastry. Cut the brie cheese in half horizontally and place one of the pieces in the dough, cut side up. Place a slice of bacon, apricots and nuts, then cover with the other half of cheese. If there are any more fillings, spread the dough over the cheese.

Press the egg, brush over the dough, then wrap it around the brie. The cheese should be fully wrapped in the dough, so it doesn’t have any holes left on all sides. Roll the dough tightly and remove excess so the layer doesn’t just dry up. Brush it with eggs and put it in the oven. Bake at 180°F for 20 minutes.

This is a filling recipe. For example, it could be ham, sausage, green onions, etc.

Tart with chocolate ganache.

Fischl, Oz and Caia described a chocolate-trained dessert from Mondstadt. To prepare this, you need:

220 grams of chocolate cookies, 2 tablespoons sugar, 3 tablespoons raspberry jam, teaspoon espresso powder, salt-rich milkshake, 2 tablespoons melted butter, 437 grams of semi-sweet chocolate, 1 cup heavy cream, 170 grams of fresh raspberries.

Firstly put the chocolate chip cookies in a plastic bag and crush them into crumbs using a rolling pin. It’s time to combine sugar and ghee to create a mixture of wet sand. Place the dough in the thick layer, together with the bottom and bottom of a pie pan.

Bake in an oven the temperature of 177 degreesfor 20 minutes-long while the cake is covered with a dry crust. Let it cool and cover the inside with a layer of raspberry jam. Try to put the cream on the stove and boil.

Place chocolate in a tightened bowl and pour the cream. Take a glass of salt and espresso powder. The hot cream should stand for about an hour, then stirred. Pour ganache with the filling.

After hardening the dessert, fill in raspberries and, if desired, spread strawberry jam with lemon juice or warm water over the berries.

Enjoy the scenery!

The stream also showed two holiday decorations that you could make yourself.

Stacks of starlight.

The singer-songwriter talks about how to create the Starlight Jar. What the room’s feel is mystical. It requires some additional materials:

LED bulbs; glass jars; colored paper napkins; Maple leaves; glitter; liquid glue; cord.

Lanterns can be assembled according to your own imaginations. Clean up the lid of the window, posing with glitter to simulate a puzzling of stars, or create a landscape using different tissue paper, paint, leaves, and whatever craft supplies are available. Place an LED light bulb inside a decorated jar.

Slime balls

Speaking actress Yeimiya Slime Balls shared another creative idea.

You can make them from:

enlightened balloons, bright blue, purple, and black stripped tape; white paper horns, pink, watermelon, yellow color and pale black; ball pump; confetti / a merchoir (you can buy or make it yourself); white paint, paper or stickers for eyes; green leaves; double sided tape.

First, fill the balloons with confetti, using a funnel. When you inflate them using the Anemo slimes pump, you could use helium rather than regular air. Make a little bit of the air and fix it. Next proceed with the decoration, with some other characteristics, which make the ball look slim. The decoration is ready and it’ll burst into the color of the confetti.

Are you able to cook according to the four-thousand recipe, or could you create handmade decorations like this? Read the review of the update 4.1 and follow the publication of other articles about Genshin Impact on our website.


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