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The German chip maker Infineon is ready to spend billions of euros to buy startups

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Infineon is planning on investing millions of euros in the first half of the world to continue building a successful company. Jochen Hanebeck told reporters that this was explained in his speech.

Image Source: Alexandra Schwarz-Goerlich / Reuters.

The German chip maker is constantly looking for a suitable company, said Hahnebeck of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. I think we’re talking about a sum of up to ten thousand billion euros, Hanebeck said. He didn’t say the company’s interests were in line with Infineon’s guidelines. Hanebeck doesn’t rule out underfunded tech startups wanting to join Infineon.

Infineon announced plans as it continues to attract demand for chips in a variety of gadgets. In particular, the global market has been ignoring the emergence of a pandemic infection caused by the coronavirus.

At the end of fiscal year, which ended September 30 for Infineon, the company reported a profit of 3,3 billion, a point that indicates an increase of six3%. The company saw plenty of room for further growth in some areas in time, whether it be the production of electric vehicles, autonomous driving, renewable energy, data centers or the Internet of Things.

Infineon announced plans for a new 5 billion plant in Dresden, Germany’s east. Taiwanese TSMC is, according to reports, also in talks on the build of the first European plant in Dresden. Apple refused to open the chip factory in eastern Germany.

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