The Gran Turismo Series is a commercial success Impressive 25th Anniversary Number


These prove that the series is commercial success.

By November 16 a total of over 90 million units of all Gran Turismo parts were sold over the counter. Unfortunately, we did not learn which industry is the most successful offshoot. The first Gran Turismo was released on December 23, 1997, and it became final in the form of Nominee 7 on March 4, 1997.

About Gran Turismo 7 With Gran Turismo 7 in March 2022, Polyphony Digital opened the year 25th anniversary of racing games simulation and offered a unique adventure for all new enthusiasts and enthusiasts. The latest installment of the series arouses many nostalgic memories. The power of the PlayStation 5 gives an unprecedented level of detail, including the multivariate days and weather simulation. The adaptive triggers of the DualSense controller create a really racing feeling even without a steering wheel. True fans will also be happy for the in-depth possibility of collecting numerous cars in the game, choosing according to their preferences and then staging them in the best possible way in Scapes mode. Gran Turismo 7 is available only for PS5 and PS4.


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