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The great music event in Zürich’s famous game vs. film awards draw 12 tickets for the game-themed concert

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Together with the Zurich Film Orchestra we will give 12 tickets for the Game Music and the Film Music concert on the 9th of September.

You’ll learn Japanese characters such as Tetris and Pirates of the Caribbean, or the theme tunes for this game called “Guelo,” or World Of Warcraft.

With a show that would capture a magnificent audience, the cinema orchestra delivers a lot of entertainment on stage, but also a concert in the hall.

Some music from the likes of these games and films will be heard.

Final Fantasy Halo World Of Warcraft: the game’s swarm. Tetris Harry Potter Samurai the Lost Samurai. Duty calls were terminated. James Bond The Legend of Zelda bears all the same story. Pirates of the Caribbean have invaded the atmosphere of the Caribbean. Star Wars Pearl Harbor Transformers Man Of Steel

Event-Details are discussed.

Ort: In the Volkshaus ZurichDeadline: Saturday, September 9, 2023 from 8:00 (doors open at 7:00 o’clock)

Tickets: This is the ticket to Game music. Film music

Tickets for the winning game for the great film concert go to the flier’s.

Participation is certainly worth it!


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