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The greatest failure in Hollywood history? All of the Marvel Universe was available at an attractive price

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Marvel Cinematic Universe is the fastest-grossing all-time film series. And it is, though the MCU exists only since 2008. It is now the first time that despite a million superhero fans’ love of the film. The MCU achieved is a sloppy feat in Hollywood history. The Avengers changed the storybook and broke records at the box office.

The 1990s and 80s never cared about Marvel.

It’s hard to believe that Marvel Entertainment was on the brink of collapse of nowhere long ago. The business with comics wasn’t running anymore and superhero films took off more quality than desirable. Film fans prefer realistic action with arms and fat, and even more creative creatures with superhuman strength. The Super-Opers of the 1980s and 1990s were Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Bruce Willis.

The Terminator film, Rambo, Alien and the Batman films dominated the great action cinema Captain America; Thor, Ironman or Spider-Man were none-existent and only one single a few films gherkins were the lone hearted. In the 1990s, the company was named Marvel Entertainment. It was about the bankruptcy, to avoid. So we took drastic measures.

Marvel on the ground starts selling.

In order to get some money, he offered a few movies to the Bankrupt Marvel Corporation for sale. They searched with enthusiastic enthusiasm for film studios who benefited from Spider-Man’s popularity. The project turned out to be more difficult than originally thought.

In the podcast de Wall Street Journals, remembers that a person whose name was the same name as Sony Pictures, when they were offered the rights to many heroes of the Marvel Universe in the late 1990s. A low price is still for you, so it will still shake your mind today.

To finally raise money, Sony was offered all rights for 25 movies in the Marvel universe. The Playstation maker could have used almost the entire portfolio of the Avengers and other heroes. For only 250 million dollars.

Nowadays, gamers enjoy games like this among them.

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The Rebel Moon production team is glad they have to make a Star Wars movie.

I watched the biggest film cucumber 2023 for me one of the best of the year.

Even though we were not warned, our author watched the biggest film gherkin of the year and experienced an excellent visit to the cinema.

You’re reading it right! And what does Sony do about that bargain? It was decided not to invest. Instead they just picked the supposed verbal raisin Spider-Man out. A true statement is the Avengers’ desire for wet waste. They finally agreed to a purchase price of 10 million dollars for Spider-Man. A snapper that has been paying off for Sony for more than 20 years. But for only $15 million would’ve gotten the Avengers. What a mistake, what a wasted opportunity.

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