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The Heineken tablet is better than the Xbox fridge

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According to Heineken, they’ve been experts in liquid cooling for over a hundred years.

Heineken, the renowned nyc bar firm, has committed a fascinating and satisfying move to gaming.

As with their latest campaign, Not All Nights Out are Out, launched this year to celebrate the synergie of the gaming industry and social interaction, a brewing company introduced a unique product called a gaming PC which doubles as a chiller for your beer.

As for Heineken, the inventive hybrid, which reminds us a lot of the Xbox fridge, so we may not get better when it comes to it’s the only way to speak, is to say “TH3 G4M1NG FR1DG3”.

This isn’t a single gaming system. The built-in rig uses a repurposed Heineken 0.0 fridge to reheat the PC, but makes some room for your Heineken beers. Heineken ensures the system is top-notch. The specs include an ASUS Phoenix NVIDIA GTX 1650 V2 OC GDDR6 4GB GPU, an Asrock B550M-ITX/ac Socket AM4 mini ITX AMD B550 motherboard, and a AMD Ryzen 7 5700G 8-Core 3,8 GHz processor.

The technical team behind this innovation faced challenges, especially in crafting a useful cooling system for the PC and the drinks. The answer’s right in a custom cooling system, which will keep the hardware very cool and prevent any condensation due to the chilled beers. The original time recorded of the rig is impressive – a cool 0-2C when idle, and 6-6C under full load.

Andrey Tyukavkin, who was instrumental in bringing this idea to fruition, was candid about the responsibilities and the risks related to this project. A key issue is the limited space on the standard Heineken bar fridge that requires the application of an optimal place and arrangement of the PC components. In turn, keeping the system within the heating budget was crucial and required several options which optimize performance and heat generation.

While this isn’t a best-seller gaming setting, it’s as powerful as the Xbox One and the Xbox 4 series.

The project also has an aspect social. Heineken is a huge streamer of Twitch from Brazil with more than 32 million watch hours for the second half of 2018, hoping to make the latest innovation clear.

The beer company’s birthday celebration is the celebration of his 150th anniversary. It’ll see this gaming system on the popular Twitch show Aprovado. The highlight is still CBLoL 2023, Brazil’s Premier League of Legends Championship, where the winners receive a set of TH3 G4M1NG FR1DG3 will be the only one.

This isn’t the first time that a brand has developed custom-branded gaming software. KFC presented the world with “The Cooler Master’s KFConsole” in 2020. The two-and-a-half-seven million dollar gaming rig included a built-in chicken warming rack.

Such collaboratives, even though unconventional, accented the drive of brands to connect with contemporary trends and communities.

If you get it to Heineken, it takes a ton of commitment to make such a good gaming PC happen.

While it’s uncertain if Heineken’s gaming fridge will be released outside Brazil, one thing’s for sure: they managed to create a buzz. As an exclusive platform for learning and learning, Heineken helps improve your skill. This move fits His strategy to establish his presence in Brazil, in addition to more about a wide range of markets and trends.

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