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The hilarious shooter “High on Life” was created by a popular neural network

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If you were using a blind eye to learn the newly released High on Life shooter, you probably noticed strange images. During the game, there are posters, notes and other pictures, if possible. As it turned out, this is the merit of the popular Mid-Journey neural network that was actively used in development.

Justin Roiland admitted he used the network to develop his game, in a recent interview, that he’s a full-time, professional developer. The tyrants don’t use AI, presumably, to save money and resources. Therefore, the technology was ideal combined with the main ideas of the game, to show the absurd world of aliens filled with iron and absurdity.

We stumbled across something funny and unusual ideas that could be added to the puzzle. I don’t know the future but artificial intelligence will be the tool which is more scalable and is capable of making content available to everyone.

Justin Roiland said.

According to another developer, the team found the neural network useful in high-quality voice acting. In the first phase, the developers only used that voice for prototypes, but they decided to transfer the AI voice acting to the release version for a minor character.


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