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The Hollywood strike is looking at video games, Humble Games is thinking big and Skull and Bones are still trying to question the business news of the week

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Business news The Hollywood strike looks at video games. Humble Games thinks big and Skull and Gules are just about them.

Published on Thursday, 10/10, 23 at 17.

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The school year gets back, and outings will continue to multiply between now and the end of the year. After that strike Hollywood approaches the game, Humble Games would like to pass second, and afford to get on with its own games, while & Boughts still has undeveloped a creative director.

The Hollywood action in video games is soon over.

Since June, Hollywood faces significant writers strike, as follows the biggest union of actors, SAG-AFTRA. The latter claim a higher share of earnings, a particular part from productions broadcast on SVOD, an extremely stricter framework for the use of artificial intelligence and a better protection of the different statuses. The strike is still still in the works, and could go on to the video game industry quickly.

For many years, video games have called on actors to be portrayed by motion, acting, or even dubbing, and the fear expressed by Hollywood is also felt in the industry. For the first time since 2016-2017, SAG-AFTRA decided to vote unanimously to allow the various sections to vote on strike if the interpersonal negotiations which will take place from September 5 to 25 cannot succeed. Fran Drescher said the contract with the players to the video game world had been stalled.

We’ve got to fight against greed and disrespect from the employers. Artificial intelligence is now destroying our members’ jobs. And SAG-AFTRA stands again against tyranny, in our own name.

Five hundred groups are concerned, including Activision, Blindlight, Disney Character Voices, Electronic Arts, Epic Games, Formosa, Insomniac Games, Take 2, Voice Works and Warner Bros. Audrey Cooling, the CEO of videogame companies, said: “Hello”.

Everybody wants a fair contract that reflects the artist’s significant contribution to the world-class entertainment industry. We are negotiating in good faith and hope we will reach an agreement mutually beneficial soon as possible.

SAG-AFTRA said in a general statement that: “The whole world was going to be affected by this.”

We extended the interactive media deal nearly a year ago because we continue to negotiate with companies. Unfortunately, companies didn’t take these requirements into account during the negotiation. It’s why the bargaining committee and the national presidency unanimously concluded that the union must have a strike permit approved by its members when the negotiations resume on September 26th.

In other words, the union is preparing to strike simply if he or she considers necessary. The permit isn’t a warning, it allows only the occasional organizer or the fast movement, if necessary. The coming weeks and the way the negotiations will go will therefore be decisive.

Humble Games is presently interested in video game production in-house.

Humble Games isn’t bulimic in terms of takingovers, but its slowly expanding. As the number of years in the market and the fact that the balance sheet is regular, the group thinks it is time to become a very direct player in the game development. A way like any other is that Humble Games seriously considering acquiring studios to produce what we call first party games.

We need to invest in product that can make a franchise. We will expand and build our core franchises, and Wizard of Legend is the figurehead of the initiative. We will continue to buy intellectual property, and we would like to move a little further forward. This makes sense a nutshell. We concentrate now on third-party development, which means we own the right to gain access to intellectual property, but a developer builds the product for us. It’s natural evolution for the studio.

Humble Games, which will have to do with Digital Sun Games (Moonlighter)), specifies that the takeovers will takeover from the same time as the studios where trust reigns. The firm will continue working for the good cause with special editions and addition content supported by different initiatives.

If a developer is a problem, perhaps because of poor funding to achieve its goals, we will do our best to help them, as long as we believe that the developer is able to achieve their end of the bargain.

Skull & Bones Winds, windwinds and muddies.

A video game release is a miracle. For games that are delivered on the shelves, or on the stores, there are dozens of items or ideas that are thrown in the bud, where the capital, the fortunes and the ideas are accumulated, to the worst of all, and thrown in the trash. From beginning to end, the new slack began, after a huge success. Different types of ship compete in a given area in order to recover treasures and resources during golden age of piracy.

According to a few tests, the project sailed long on sight, reorienting a number of times. After five years since the first appearance of Skull and Bones, the release has never been announced. But for months, things seem to progress correct. Betas were organized, a few recently, and the feedback seemed very positive. It was mentioned notably that the game appears to be well organized, that the RPG dimension works and that the clashes are satisfied. Unfortunately, by a video of Kotaku, we discovered that Elisabeth Pellen, a third creative director of the project, had left Ubisoft Singapore for the company Ile-de-France.

Five years ago, Elisabeth Pellen joined Ubisoft Singapore with the mission of reviving the creative direction of Skull and Bones. She succeeded, and the team at Skull and Bones continues to give their vision, so that our players will get unique naval action experience.

Ubisoft says that there is no problem, because the company suggests that this type of movement was common during developing moments. However, Kotaku indicated that she had only been able to visit the trip after the end of the year, and that this anticipation raised questions. In addition, a union movement is born in Singapore’s studio, which supports the Creative Media and Publishing Union. Union officials are indeed hoping to contact developers on Skull and Bones to see whether it can succeed. On the management side, we have an opening message so we can start discussion. The next few months should allow us to find out more.

Quickly in business news of the week, it’s the business news of the week.

Sea of Stars reached its sales target at that time, a year before Sabotage Studios put it on hold. The title sold more than 50 000 copies despite its presence in Game Pass and PlayStation Plus. A thunderous launch for the second game is made from that studio indie in Quebec. During gamescom, the developers could have seen a preview of the console which will replace the Nintendo Switch. According to rumors, the codename of the machine would be Focus. That’s the last update to SIFU! Square Enix sold 3 million Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters. Activision announced it sold $10 million of sales for Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Over six million players have launched Starfield since September 7. It’s the best re-launch based on this kind of data, surpassing Forza Horizon 5 and its 4.5 million players. That potichat game will be adapted to a movie. This company will transform Annapurna’s title into an animated film.

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