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The Hololive Pekora Figure is Life-Size for the Year of the Rabbit

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According to the Chinese lunar calendar, 2023 is the year of the Rabbit. To celebrate the occasion, a new life-size-fits-all-out-size-looking figure will be released. This figure is made up of a VTuber by Hololives bunny and is taller than she is if she existed in physical space. Usada Pekora is launching a number of promotions to commemorate the lunar new year. Happy Dengeki.

The promotion was launched on New Years Day 2023, as it was called The Human Rabbitality Project. Among other things, it’s a life-size picture of the Usada Pekora. The figure was created by design Coco. It shows Pekora dressed in traditional New Years kimono and holding a fan. She also wears okobo, a decorated in snow-boo-shaped tiger, which is typically worn by Geisha. As for the VTuber herself, a 1/8 scale Pekora figure stands at 153 cm tall (about 5 feet), but doesn’t include her ears and sandals.

Nevertheless, this statue is a unique one-on-one statue and isn’t for sale. Instead, it will be exhibited at the Animate store in Akihabara. If you want to buy an item for yourself, it’s OK to bring it to a smaller or more larger size. Prices are open at Design Cocos online store until March 22, 2023. The statues cost two hundred thousand dollars each. The date for delivery is December 2023.

The pekora picture is approximately 1/4th.

The Japanese exhibition for the unique human body of Hololive Usada Pekora runs till January 29, 2023. Pkora merch is sold for $5,649, also at Year of the Rabbit Store in diverse Animate branches.

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