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The Hololive Valkyrie Connect event will return next year

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The original Hololive Valkyrie Connect event will return to the game. This means people will see Laplus Darkness, Ninomae Inanis, Takanashi Kiara and Usada Pekora again. This is described as a minikolab rather than a full-fledged rerun, and a testament of each other and is meant to help power the units up. The event will take place on January 10, 2023.

Awakening a character in the Valkyrie Connect means a lot of power for them. To do that, you have to develop a character. You then need to buy materials like Awakening Runes, Awakening Runes, Soul Crystals and Soul Shards for them.

There is a contest which leads to the awakening. In their game costumes, people can retweet an open tweet to see the rotoscopes and betrayed in the original artwork.

“Awake” is the #hololive production “Collab Celebration Campaign”.

How to enterFollow @vconnect_enRetweet this postToday by 9 pm (15:00) 14:59 UTC.

3 lucky winners receive a metallic print.

VALKYRIE CONNECT (@vconnect.de) December 26, 2022.

The original crossover first began in May 2022. Ateam also teased an opening game for a second Hololive event. There isn’t any proof yet.

Valkyrie Connect is available on iOS and Android devices, and is compatible with the PC, via Steam. The Hololive event will be back in Valkyrie from January 10 to 31 of 2023.

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