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The iMac system will bring the most value as a desktop device

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Baldurs Gate 3 is certainly the latest trend for all fans of RPG and single-player experiences. With a simple approach, this game will teach a lesson to companies that are continuing their trend of live-service games. The feedback from fans has been very positive, but Baldurs Gate 3 is not free of all the issues. Since the first issues reported by users, Larian Studios rolled out an update patch for the game. The patch has huge bug and crash fixes. Even the most notable patch is a problem that makes players save the game. As a temporary fix, Larian disables the cross-save feature of games. It’s going to remain inactive until the next month.

The Multi-Screen Feature will be available once the PS5 version comes out.

The players reported an issue that prevented them from announcing a strategy for the game. Since the game has more than 100 hours of content, it’s a bad question. Larian advised that players switch the cloud to the game on Steam so that they can bypass the problem. Now, it blames the project’s lack of a cloud-save solution for two of these issues.

The new RPG was originally released on the PC and will soon be available for the PS5. To ensure a seamless experience irrespective of the platform, Larian enabled a dual-save feature. With that, you can keep playing your saving without prejudice to your platform. The technology meant that the computer players were injured. Since there are still many weeks to go until the release of the PS5 port, it doesn’t make sense to keep this feature enabled.

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We’ve been reading your reports on issues like saving your game and a culprit has been found the cross-saves. In a steam post, Larian explained the importance of the second hand hotfix in Baldurs Gate. Since this is not a useful feature for September 6 when the PS5 version is coming out, we decided to disable it and elucidate the issue. You won’t notice anything in-game, and Steam Cloud saves won’t be affected by this change.

This is a pretty interesting feature, and we hope Larian can deal with all things until the PlayStation 5. We don’t know if games performance on PS5 will make players switch from the PC, but it’s a nice feature.


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