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The Indigo Disk DLC leak looks at new formulas for three Legendary Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet

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The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players have slowly entered the Teal Mask expansion, but Game Freak doesn’t quite stop leaking his own content more files have been datamined that reveal details of a new game, three Legendary Pokemon.

Some of it, like Dipplin’s apparent unnamed evolution, has an impact on the current game, but the rest is just a hint at what is expected.

The biggest hint in the archive is pointing out three Pokemon receiving new forms that can only be reached with battles, e.g., special Tera Forms like that which Ogerpon makes by her masks in The Teal Mask.

The names contained in those placeholders were translated by PokeSuutamie and included TyoudenkiHou or super-electric cannon, KimaguLaser or whimsical laser, and Terasushell or shining shell.

Previously dataminated information pointed to that a third-form Form by Terapagos has been sent that lines up with the shining shell file. The other two are a bit more unknown. A reliable Chinese leaker returned and shared some info that akin both to Koraidon and Miraidon.

Oct 15. 2023 (@hsinhsung9487) September 15 2023.

According to the new leak, Koraidon and Miraidon will join Terapagos to get these buffed battle states back into the Indigo Disk. The leaker also mentioned that they will be like Ogerpon, which means they involve Terastallizing, and only be used in battle.

As far as Legendary mounts appear, with a new generation of DLCs eluded by other players that had fun and a new, more complicated gameplay, giving them new forms sounds like a new addition.

The Elite Four of Blueberry Academy will also probably use Dragon, Fairy, Fire and Steel typeas many fans predicted. The mysterious 19th Pokemon type was listed in the data dump, but some people really don’t explain that feature.

There were also plenty of new clothing options, hairstyles, more Food Power varieties, over 50 music tracks and more. The Indigo Disk will now be released in winter 2023.

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