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The iPhone 14 Pro has flashing stripes when booting after software update

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Some iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max users experienced a strange problem, which is seen as green and yellow stripes when turning on their smartphone. The people who owned Apple smartphones appeared in the Reddit community and other Internet resources.

Image source: Reddit/MacRumors.

In one thread on Reddit’s platform, dozens of iPhone 14 Pro users report that, when they turn on the device, green or yellow stripes will appear on the screen. In some cases, the bars flash for a few seconds, then they disappear and the device continues to boot.

Some of the users contacted Apple support, where they was told that the problem isn’t the result of a hardware failure, but also caused by a software bug in the 16th iOS. According to reports, yellow and green bars began to show up when some Apple flagship smartphones were booted after the iOS 16.2 update, but the similar situation occurs on certain smartphones with iOS 16.6.

One of Reddit users reported that the company’s working on a software solution for the mentioned problem, citing an Apple engineer.

Apple is testing iOS 16.3 with developers and members of the public beta program. It is not expected that this update is due early next year. Apple will finally release a software update to fix the problem with stripes on the screen.

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