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The iPhone SE 4 won’t notice as bright as the light of day

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Apple could postpone or even cancel the release of the iPad SE 4. The mistake is that the lowest selling models are too expensive.

Is this a 3D rendering of the iPhone SE 4?

How are the iPhones never running? In any case, this is what leaves the general well-informed analyst of TF International Securities, Ming Chi Kuo. A rumor that doubts Apple’s ability to expand beyond the high-end market sheds light on a rumor.

You have an iPhone SE 4 or another iPhone Xr?

Apple has repeatedly tried to offer cheaper phones than its flagships, with varying success. This is the iPhone SE range, initiated in 2016, or the excellent iPhone Xr of 2018. In 2023, those two lines were almost to come together since rumors evoked a smartphone app.

We have a slightly updated iPhone Xr and certainly a new chip. Yes, but now this idea’s going to pose a problem.

There was a lack of investment return.

The SE range aims to be positioned in mid-range. The 2020 model is marketed from 559 euros, compared to nearly double that price for the cheapest iPhone 14. By switching to a modern design with thinner borders and no notch, it would cost more production.

We need to reconsider the position of the iPhone SE 4 so that we can get a profitable return. Without a low price, the iPhone 13 still in the catalog and the increase of prices due to inflation – it’s difficult to imagine a decent price to buy such a device.

When we see that the cheapest iPhones have been seen with disappointing performance on several occasions (iPhone SE 3, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 14 Plus, etc.), we realize that Apple isn’t willing to start a new, more expensive model. Besides, reducing production lines in this time of recession wouldn’t be so bad as saving money.

Usually, the iPhone SEs are unveiled in March or April. This gives me a few more months to learn more about the future of this potential iPhone SE4.

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