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The Japanese company TSMC can get profitable in the second year of operations

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That is, until 2025.

On a level progressively increasing, the same opinion grows that of all the TSMC projects planned for construction outside Taiwan, the project in western Japan will be the most successful. The DigiTimes publication also noted this week that the construction and installation of the plant are on schedule and the mass production of parts to meet customer needs by the end of next year will begin. The first time they receive all the necessary chips will be twelve to 28 nm.

Source of photos: Japan Times.

After 2025, Japan will start to profit from TSMC. Several factors will help. First, the Japanese authorities will provide a generous subsidies of unusual length to it, covering up to half of the shareholder expenses incurred in the project. Secondly, the application of lithography that’s relatively mature requires a large amount of capital investment. The project also will pay for itself faster than the more expensive American enterprises of TSMC, who have to master lithography, that is advanced by continental standards. There are many suppliers of materials and equipment in Japan. Therefore, the construction of the infrastructure necessary for the operation of a TSMC enterprise will cost a little more than that of many US-made projects, for example.

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