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The Kickstarter with the Patapon spiritual successor Ratatan ends with more than a million dollars raised

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This Kickstarter campaign for Ratatan, a new game from the mind behind Patapon, has ended with almost 220,000,000 Japanese Yen, worth nearly 1,5 million USD, in pledges from more than 14.500 backers.

That is the 34th most funded video game in Kickstarter history. According to the campaign FAQ, “Ratatan is still available by April 2025”, and it’s likely to be released until April 2025, with the release of a closed beta starting in the summer of 2024”.

Ratatan is an interactive game that allows you to play a Ratatan leading a battle with a beautiful cyclopic Cobun. This is reminiscent of the Patapon series originally launched in the mobile PlayStation Portable in 2007. This isn’t a coincidence. According to the campaign information, many creative minds who made Patapon are involved in this new project, making Ratatan a spiritual successor to the PSP classic. A dev team is made up of producer Kazuto Sakajiri, director Kenei Nakasha, game designer Hiroyuki Kotani and composer Kemmei Adachi, among others.

Image via Ratata Arts.

The original Kickstarter goal of 20,000,000 (about 179,500 USD) was made in less than an hour. (Disclosure: I also backed this Kickstarter.) From there, backers continued to fulfill some stretch goals, adding features like orchestrated music and additional games modes. From 1498 supporting campaigns, the campaign raised 219,314 335 in contributions.

With the expectation for console release exceeding the length, Ratata Arts said that it’s a desire to release Ratatan on all current-gen consoles (including Xbox, X|S, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, etc.) as well as Steam.

Walk up the rhythm.

On the back of a Kickstarter-closing livestream, more details were announced in a liveplay demonstration and in a video-game. Players are executed using the chanting system seven-beat rhythms, and the Cobun chants a response while doing action. The fever bar at Patapon is returning, with a few different combos filling the bar, making your team stronger and your music intensifying. While Patapon is different, they can recruit in a lot of Cobun and he is more or less scout.

The similarities to Patapon go beyond gameplay. In Ratatan, many character designs feature identical mono-eye and small-bodied aesthetic, but a more varied and vibrant color palette. There may even be a cameo of a former Patapon enemy named Dodonga, but he has now called Dekadon and has had a little pain.

Screenshot from Ratata Art Gallery.

The Patapon series had limited audience since its release only for the PSP, then remastered in 2017 and 2020 for the PS4 and later released in 2017. After more than 20 years, it looks like we got the new idea, essentially with this call and response tactic rhythm formula.

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