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The land of dining awaits in Paleo Pines

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You have an outdoor garden, and you have your dinners? Paleo Pines is now available on Xbox One.

Would you like some decent farming sim for the kids? Paleo Pines on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC will more than cater. It’s happy to open up a new way to get friends with your friends and tuck into the land, focusing on dinosaurs. Who knew that a T-Rex made the perfect watering hose?

A “Bacheless Quest” (Patra Quest).

This is now available on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC. Paleo Pines is a very colourful farm-sim that places your feet on the same pier.

People and dinos live with each other in absolute harmony. The bond you have to your character with the burger at Lucky, is all of this exemplified.

Like My time at Portia, Stardew Valley and other agricultural sims, the goal is to grow crops, to build a farmstead and to build a relationship with the village-folk at the same pace as mine. All will be performed with help from dinosaurs on hand. There will be people that can break up the rocks and those that can use water to use to spread this water into the land to provide some growth.

Key Customization!

Not only can you customize the look of the player to your hearts content, but there aren’t any farms in the Paleo Pines that will look alike. The Paleo Pines experience is a great example of the choice to create the farm. As for the opportunity to learn more about the island’s history, this unique story brings an unfurling story to mind.

The features are rich in Paleo Pines on Xbox One and Xbox X|S. In fact, play on PlayStation, Switch, PC and other platforms will find similar features. With all the following coming with us, the next door.

Embark on Dino-Quest!

Have fun with your dino pal, Lucky, who you’ve known since she’s just the egg. Is she the most gorgeous? The other Parasaurolophus is missing, and your and Lucky know where they are. Explore Paleo Pines, a charming island with friendly townsfolk and hidden lands. Build a new house, make friends, and unravel the lost land. Take your trusty steed Lucky on an adventure that will bring you some stunning discoveries.

Create Your own delicious Dino Sanctuary.

Set up your home base on the island as you go on your parasaurolophus quest. Paleo Pines is a place where you can express yourself and your creative expression. The only difference is between two ranches! Build reusable pens or not (although locals might have some other story to say about that). Rather, use decor to build a romantic garden, give the farmhouse a nice woodland vibe, or go in with ten rows of cultivated soil. Lastly, customize your personality as you like, and take notice of a variety of features; curate a colorful collection of clothing- a unique variety of items can be found in each section, and customize your style to suit your style with a wardrobe change.

To learn Dinosaurs, to befriend them.

Paleo Pines is a dream island! A collection of cheeky dinosaurs roam the wild in order to become your friend, as well as ranch helpers. Coax them by mimicking their calls with your flute, then seal the deal with a tasty treat and a reliable nose boop! Gain your trust by creating cozy pens and learning what keeps them happy. Dinos travel and some are harder to find than others, or can appear only under special circumstances, so if you take a while to explore the island you are always ready for new discoveries. The time as you grow your ranch, you’ll have a dino haven for all your new friends. Make an appointment for your Dino Journal.

Master the art of dining in a pantosa.

Grow your tin of love, growing crops all year round, with (and for) your dino besties. Don’t give up by hand by planting and watering. Your new friends trust and deliver a roaring harvest that you can trade with the townsfolk. As soon as your farm grows, you learn that each dino has special farming skills and helps you manage your tasks. Thanks to the work and effort, you will get the highest quality quality food in all of the palm trees. Soon you and your duo ranch will talk about the market.

Explore charming scenery.

There’s lots to explore in the wilds of Paleo Pines, from the flowery fields of Veridian valley to the red canyons of Ariacotta. Whenever possible, splash in the lush landscapes over the island, to discover each other with its own charm, collectable items and dinos. Take a leisurely stroll through green pastures, looking for wild crops, or hop on your trusty dino and hunt for hidden corners. Leave a moment to watch a wild dinosaur playfully interact with each other on your eyes! You’re never going to need a thing to find or a dinosaur to befriend.

Become friends with a charming community.

On the island, the quirky and friendly townsfolk can’t wait to meet you and help you in your quest. Granny may have a stubborn side, but learn about her and she’s a softie. Build friendships in the community isn’t so important as building friendships with dinosaurs. As you drive to be home, the farm, and the other city, you will stumble across new characters. Each person has their own story, parts, and problems to share and knowledge to exchange. Help them out day or night by doing quests, opening up new areas and visiting shops and community hubs. And who knows, they may even gift you something to spruce up your ranch!

Available Now

Paleo Pines is now available in the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

For just 22.99, read up a copy of the Xbox store. Watch out for our full review of the Paleo Pines on Xbox coming soon.

Can you pick up Paleo Pines?

Paleo Pines on Xbox Game Description.

Welcome to Paleo Pines. An islands with friendly dinosaurs, charming townsfolk and a strange past. Evolution took a different path and created a world where humans and dinosaurs live in harmony.

Begin with your dino companion, Lucky, to uncover the islands secrets and find new dinos. Your arrival on the island surprised many people who are able to help you on your quest (and just give you more work!). Together with Lucky, grow vegetables, and help local villagers, befriend adorable dinosaurs and discover the lost history of the island to build your cozy dino sanctuary.

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