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The Last Guardian – Developers are throwing out new games in 2023

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GenDesign said that the team behind The Last Guardian did have a brand new game this year. If you are not entirely familiar with that company, it was founded by Fumito Ueda, the mind behind the now famous games Ico and Shadow Of the Colossus. Since their last game came out, there hasn’t really been a ton of talking about what they have in the works today, beyond the idea that like many studios, there’s always something going on. But now looks like we’ll see something in the near future, if we believe that last post from the company, can be.

GeneDesign received credit.

In a Twitter post that went live on New Years Eve, the company wished everyone happy New Year, but also argued that something was going to come out in 2023. A post said: “Happy new year.” We’re finally here in a year where we can bring a lot of topics to everyone! We’re doing what we can, so please please look forward to doing that. Thank you for the support you have been giving us during this year. We’re looking for work colleagues no matter what their career or new graduates are for genDESIGN. Followed by link to their jobs, they have several openings in departments.

genDESIGNhttps://t.co/jKIVMfFWuK pic.twitter.com/bUu5TODraB

genDESIGN (@genDESIGN_INc) December 31, 2022

Although it may not be possible to see a game released this year, it’s certainly looking like something is going to happen soon, based on the probability that it will come out over the summer or near the end of the year. If there’s something we can say, that any project under direction of Ueda will require a long time to complete. Technically they have already had a 4-6 year jump on it, depending on the time you spend with The Last Guardian. So we’ll see what news they have for us in the next twelve months.

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