The Last of us: Troy Baker Says that Pedro Pascals Role Is So Good He Wishes That He Could Redo Original Performance


The last of Us series will air next month, and as of now, we’ll be expecting a good performance from Pedro Pascal as Joel, according to one of the original cast members.

What (Pascal) showed was that the character is bigger than all of the one thing that has happened. In the end, he earned him one, while his performance in the role of Joel inspired me. I wish I could get back to do something different.

Although Troy Baker is staring in the HBO series, he does more role-playing than role-playing. The original actress named Ashley Johnson appears as the mother of Ellies, and now she’s as the eldest female protagonist of the game of Thrones.

Troy Bakers amazement isn’t all that surprising given that Pascal is an impressive actor in his own right. Shes played the titular character of The Mandalorian and starred in Game of Thrones and Narcos. Well, check for ourselves how well he can play the role of Joel, but for now, should Baker take word for it.

The The Last of Us series will hit the TV on January 15, 2023 on HBO and Max.

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