The latest updates for Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 Aroged are updated


Android 13 is the latest version of the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 Lite. The devices will still receive security updates.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite were the last devices that were received major updates. Samsung used the rule that their smartphones would get three Android updates. In the meantime, the producer increased that number to four, but the S10 and Note 10 series were in a different position anyway.

The regular S10 and Note 10 were released with Android 9. That meant they would only be updated to Android 12. The S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite, however, were released with Android 10. Those devices would receive updates up to and including Android 13 the current version.

No more Android update, but still security updates.

The Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite have received Android 13, or the latest update of their latest OS. If you want the Android 4th version, you’ll have to get upgraded to a newer smartphone. Don’t worry about your security. As per the S10 and Note 10, the Lite versions will be replaced by four additional quarterly security updates. The S10 and the Note 10 Lite have to receive monthly security updates until the end of 2023.


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