The latest version of Windows 11 22623.1095 (KB5022364) includes additional changes to search in the Start menu


Windows 11 Insider Preview

Today, Microsoft released builds 22621.1095, and 22623.1095 to the beta channel for Windows Insiders, which is quite a jump from 226x.1037. The first build of 2023 includes another adjustment of the search functions in Windows 11, this time in the Start menu itself, and a significant number of fixes.

The company writes in a post on its blog:

Hello Windows Insiders, today we are releasing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22621.1095 and Build 22623.1095 (KB5022364) to the beta channel.

Build 22623.1095= New features rolling out.
Build 22621.1095= New features are off by default.

Here is the full list of changes and improvements, as well as bug fixes in the new beta version:

Changes and improvements in Build 22621.1095 and 22623.1095


Changes and improvements in Build 22623.1095


Here are the fixes in Build 22623.1095:

[Taskbar & System Tray]


[Task Manager]

  • Fixed an issue that caused filtering by owner name to not match correctly on the Processes page.

  • Fixed an issue that caused some services to not appear on the services page after applying the filter.

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in new processes appearing in a filtered list if started while a filter was set.

  • Fixed the issue where some dialogs were not displayed in the correct theme when applied from the Task Manager settings page.

  • The issue that causes the data content area of ​​the Processes page to flash once when applying theme changes on the Task Manager Settings page has been fixed.

  • The Startup Apps page in Task Manager will now list apps as expected.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause black flashing when opening the task manager.

  • If there are no matching search results, the task manager will explicitly say so.

  • Fixed the task manager crash that could occur when trying to terminate certain processes.

  • You can now set the focus to the search box by pressing CTRL + F.

Fixes for Build 22621.1095 and also for Build 22623.1095

[Search on the Taskbar]

The following known issues only apply to Windows Insiders who have received one of the various treatments for how search appears in the taskbar as mentioned Here is this blog post:

  • We’ve made reliability improvements to fix some crashes and the performance of animations and transitions.

  • Fixed the issue that caused the taskbar search box to not appear properly and display visual artifacts.

  • Fixed the issue that caused layout issues in right-to-left display languages ​​like Arabic.

[Other fixes]

  • New! We’ve changed the experience for .NET Framework preview updates. After installing this update, all future (optional) preview updates of the .NET Framework will appear in Settings > Windows Update > Advanced options > Optional updates On this page, you can control which optional updates you want to install.

  • We fixed an issue that affected Windows Server 2022 (DC) domain controllers. They stopped responding when handling Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) requests.

  • Fixed an issue that might have occurred when the Input Method Editor (IME) was active. Applications may have stopped responding when you used the mouse and keyboard at the same time.

  • Fixed an issue affecting exe. It stopped responding.

  • Fixed an issue that affected how quickly you could copy items from a network to a local computer. For some users, the copy speed was slower than expected.

  • Fixed an issue that affected some systems that had Trusted Platform Modules firmware. (TPM). This problem prevented you from using AutoPilot to configure these systems.

  • Fixed a resource conflict issue between two or more threads (known as deadlock). This deadlock affected COM+ applications.

  • Fixed an issue that affected devices that were subject to this Microsoft Exploit Protection (EAF) export address filtering. Some applications stopped responding or wouldn’t open. These included Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader.

  • Fixed an issue affecting exe. It randomly prevented you from logging in or out.

  • Fixed an issue that might have occurred when converting or re-converting Japanese kanji using a Multibyte Character Set (MBCS) application. The cursor may have moved to the wrong position when you typed.

  • Fixed an issue affecting exe. It stopped responding while connecting to RemoteApp and connecting to the desktop.

  • Fixed an issue that may have affected FindWindow() or FindWindowEx(). They may have returned the wrong window handle.

  • Fixed an issue that affected image files you found using the taskbar search. This problem prevented you from opening these images.

You can find the official blog post Here.


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